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Consulting & IT Business Department / Consulting Division

Associate Principal



Joined Vision Consulting in 2020.

- Worked at a global consulting firm prior to joining Vision Consulting.
- Has extensive experience in new business launch and management consulting in the IT, design, retail, trading, and manufacturing industries.
- Supportingna Japanese conglomerate group in the areas of next-generation solutions as a service provider, business model analysis, and grand design of management accounting.

What motivated you to enter the company?

With the exception of executives, there was an environment where theory and practice could be embodied in the "decision making," which is a common weakness of consultants, was my reason for joining.
A consultant is the profession which the ability of rasing issues, problem-solving, find and propose solutions to the issues, tme frames and costs., can be developed through theory and practice.
However, because business accumulates "experience" through the results of its own "decisions," consultants, whose basic job is to provide support and proposals to clients, are overwhelmingly lacking in the practice of "decision-making.
Therefore, for consultants whose profession is management strategy, the difference in "experience" can be the difference in "quality" that they can provide to their clients.
Fortunately, VC provides an environment where we can experience "decision making," and as a result of our challenges, we are now receiving the highest evaluations from various clients, leading to a positive cycle that increases our own motivation.

What is your current job?

Currently, I am working for both internally as well as supporting clients.
For internal duites, I am mainly in charge of promoting issue resolution and training of consultants in accordance with management policies, while for client suuport, I assist clients in resolving their management issues
Specifically, for internal duites, I analyze the evaluations we receive from clients, raise the weak points of our consultants, and promote the resolution of issues.
As the results of training, the Company has been able to restore the reputation of consultants facing challenges and contribute to sales.
For my client support, I am analyzing risks and raising issues in a certain conglomerate's new business and proposing conceptual models.
I am assisting in creating role models for projects that transform social structures through alliances with multiple companies.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

A culture of thorough thinking has taken root from management down to the members, and the speed of overcoming organizational and individual challenges is overwhelmingly faster than at other companies.
In addition, because the management team is young, we are trying to evoke and foster a culture that is not afraid to take on challenges and to take action.
As a result, the corporate team has also strengthened its logical thinking, and the total number of employees has exceeded 600 and continues to expand rapidly.

For Job Seekers.

The start-up spirit of this organization is very different from that of large companies, making it a good choice for those who want to boldly continue to take on challenges.
Vision Consulting is a young and rapidly growing company. Therefore, we are currently in need of a management infrastructure that is appropriate for our size.
On the other hand, each one of us is given discretion, and each one of us is asked, "What can I do for the company? ", "What will I gain as a result?", "What do I want to become?"
Let's work together to build a positive cycle of theory and practice.