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Vision Consulting is a comprehensive consulting firm that challenges the common thinking in consulting.

  • ・Pooling system with no industry/solution cuts
  • ・Fair and impartial personnel evaluation based on absolute evaluation
  • ・Various systems to eliminate long working hours unique to the industry.

Through these systems and activities, we are maximizing the growth of each and every employee, and achieving a good balance between work and life.
In fact, the average salary increase across the company is over 10%, and the average monthly overtime is 16.6 hours, leading to high employee satisfaction.
Why don't you join us in creating a new common sense?


As for the consultant position, those who are aiming to become consultants from programmers and system engineers are also welcome.
We are waiting for applications from those who are not satisfied with the current situation and those who are seeking further growth.

New business

Nowadays, there are disruptive innovations taking place all over the world through AI and other leading technologies.
These disruptive innovations have made the world more convenient.
In contrast, the combination of multiple innovative technologies has not yet progressed much.

This is because the highly specialized skills required for each technology make it difficult to train people who can link multiple innovative technologies.
For example, in order to achieve low-cost and high-efficiency solar cells to prevent global warming, it is necessary to link advanced material technology, advanced manufacturing technology, IoT sensors, and AI.
Therefore, we set our mission as "to provide new value to the world by combining multiple innovative technologies.
First of all, we will focus on all remaining inconveniences in the world and aim to eliminate them by combining multiple innovative technologies.
By doing this, we will achieve our vision of "Innovation. Make the World Better".

Type of occupation

Selection Flow

Emphasizing a speedy selection process that other companies do not have

Based on thousands of past data, we have succeeded in segmenting and clarifying the criteria for those who are good fits for our company and those who are not. As a result, we have a system that makes it difficult to cause a decline in the Candidate Experience (CX), where candidates are turned away from job offers after numerous interviews.

  • 1. Entry

  • 2. Document screening

  • 3. Interviews

    (multiple interviews,
    minimum one)

  • 4. Offer of employment


Training Program

Vision Consulting believes that growth of employees is in the best interest of the company.
For this reason, we have been striving to enhance our training system since the company's inception.
We offer more than a dozen types of training and unique training programs not available at other companies.
Our policy is to provide detailed education according to the ability and skill level of each individual, so that even no experience is required to become an immediate asset to the company.

Typical Training

  • 1. Consulting Training

    You can acquire active knowhow that
    can be used immediately at the project.

    We provide training on a variety of topics at the time of orientation for new employees.
    All lecturers are our active consultants who are highly rated by our clients.
    You will be able to systematically learn the active knowhow necessary to work at the front lines of the industry.
    You can also participate in training after you join the company, so you can continue to learn.
    Examples of training programs Introduction of actual projects Documentation methods How to communicate Training for non-experienced consultants Consultant Tips from Failures ...etc.

  • 2. Counselor System

    Each consultant is assigned to an experienced consultant for 1-on-1 counseling.

    We have introduced a counselor system to ensure that all of our consultants are highly rated by our clients.
    After you join the company, one of our consultants who is highly rated by our clients, will act as your one-on-one counselor.
    You can talk to them about any concerns you may have, including your own issues and career advice, as well as project-related issues.
    We will work with you to find a better solution and a way of working that fits your needs.
    If you are highly rated by your clients, you may also be able to transition to a counselor.
    Following up as a counselor is subject to evaluation and can be a clue to your own step up.

  • 3. Knowledge Sharing

    We share and use the knowledge of various projects we have acquired over the years.

    We have provided consulting services in a wide range of fields in a number of industries.
    Vision Consulting centrally manages these past consulting cases as knowledge information and has established a system that can be utilized for other projects.
    By centrally managing knowledge information, we can smoothly resolve issues even when faced not experienced cases.
    Because any employee can access and utilize the information, it is also helpful when participating in a project for the first time.

In addition, we offer
a wide variety of training

Organization, System and Culture

Recruitment Ratio

Mid-career hires with various backgrounds are active in vision consulting.

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