Innovation.Make the World Better

Innovation is about creating new things and bringing about change.
For example, the invention of electricity, steam engines or engines may be easy to understand.
At Vision Consulting, we help our clients innovate or create innovations in own businesses that have never existed before.
We are committed to transforming lives and businesses to make the world better.

This is our philosophy and our goal.


Create a firm that breaks the mold of our industry

Vision Consulting was established in 2014 as a global consulting firm from Japan with the philosophy of "Innovation. Make the World Better".
There are three bad habits in the consulting industry.
That is, excessive working hours, up or out and laissez-faire, and inefficient management.
We believe that these practices are causing a decline in the performance and motivation of consultants and, as a result,
prevents them from providing the value that clients truly need.

We questioned the prevalence of this situation and came to a simple conclusion.
If you don't have it, create it.

Vision Consulting was founded by a group of people with a strong desire to create a firm that would break the mold of the consulting industry.

Vision and Story

World' s largest market capitalization.

In order to realize our philosophy, we have set a goal of becoming the world's largest company in terms of market capitalization.
Market capitalization is the total value of a company, including its present, past, and future.
Being the largest company in terms of market capitalization means that a company is not only widely recognized,
but also socially recognized as a valuable company that continues to make an impact on the world.
Companies with high market capitalization, such as GAFA, continue to have a positive impact on the world as an example.
That is exactly why Vision Consulting has made it a goal of ours.

Our 13 Credo


Management's perspective


100 times more curious


Fastest in the world


Master of Language


Professional of problem-solving


Top-class trainer


Working together


Maximize sales, minimize expenses


Spirit of No. 1


Initiative and Forging Ahead


Putting the "other party" first


Modesty, Sincerity, and Enthusiasm


A small difference makes a big difference


Message from the President

Providing maximum value to customers and maximum growth to employees

The consulting industry is a very attractive industry
because it provides a sense of growth and satisfaction through the use of expertise backed by hard work,
which not only solves clients' problems but also contributes to social issues.

On the other hand, however, there are also negative aspects inherent to the industry,
such as inconsistent quality due to dependence on individual abilities, long hours of overtime work,
unequal and unclear evaluation systems and inefficient (analog) sales and recruiting activities, which leads slowing down individual growth.
I believe that these negative aspects are difficult for individuals to control.

Vision Consulting was established with the goal of creating a unique company that will thoroughly change these negative aspects
and improve the consulting industry, including all related industries.

Today, Vision Consulting has achieved top class growth in the industry with nationwide expansion,
overseas expansion and new business development.
In order to accelerate the growth of the company, we are also preparing for an IPO.

The reason for this growth is nothing other than the overwhelming growth of our excellent employees.
It is because of our employees' growth that we are able to provide high valued added services to our clients.

We will continue to manage our business steadily, step by step,
with the never-ending goal of "Providing maximum value to customers and maximum growth to employees".

To those who are interested in Vision Consulting, even a little.
We invite you to join us in this exciting challenge to change the industry and the world.

President & Representative Director Daisuke Sato