Organization Chart

Training and Career System

No consultant can do everything perfectly.
Sometimes projects stumble and client evaluations may not be great.
However, we must face this reality, recognize our own issues, and
continue to make improvements in a straightforward manner.
We believe that such experiences will lead to your rapid growth as a consultant.
But we also think that there is a limit to self-help efforts.
For this reason, Vision Consulting provides a number of mechanisms
to encourage the growth of each employee, and we will give you full support.

Pre-Admission Training

We will inform you about the mindset and basic skills for your early success.

Vision Consulting offers pre-employment training for mid-career hires.
Our professionals in charge of your "career" and "skills" will take inventory them, and also provide trainings in "mindset" and "communication skills," which are important for you to be successful as a consultant.
By understanding what is expected, you will be able to clarify our vision and your own vision, and draw a roadmap for your early success.

Consulting Training

You can acquire active knowhow that can be used immediately at the project.

We provide training on a variety of topics at the time of orientation for new employees. All lecturers are our active consultants who are highly rated by our clients. You will be able to systematically learn the active knowhow necessary to work at the front lines of the industry. You can also participate in training after you join the company, so you can continue to learn.
Examples of training programs Introduction of actual projects Documentation methods How to communicate Training for non-experienced consultants Consultant Tips from Failures ...etc.

Knowledge Sharing

We share and use the knowledge of various projects we have acquired over the years.

We have provided consulting services in a wide range of fields in a number of industries.
Vision Consulting centrally manages these past consulting cases as knowledge information and has established a system that can be utilized for other projects.
By centrally managing knowledge information, we can smoothly resolve issues even when faced not experienced cases.
Because any employee can access and utilize the information, it is also helpful when participating in a project for the first time.

Counseling System

Experienced consultants are assigned to each person for 1-on-1 consultation.

We have introduced a counselor program to ensure that all our consultants get a high evaluation from our clients.
After you join the company, one of our consultants, who are highly rated by our clients, will act as your one-on-one counselor.
You can consult with them about your project, own issues, career, or any other concerns you may have.
We will work with you to find a better solution and a way of working that suits you.
If you achieve a high evaluation from clients, you can also become a counselor.
Following up as a counselor is subject to evaluation and can be a step up for you.

Instructor Training System

Through training as instructors, we are able to develop ourselves.

Vision Consulting offers a training instructor program for consultants.
By outputting your own input knowledge as an instructor, you will be able to enhance your knowledge to a stronger and deeper level.
In addition, opportunities to speak in front of others as an instructor will help you acquire the ability to prepare materials and make presentations.
Furthermore, by contributing to the development of others, you will be evaluated and you will be able to move up to a higher rank.

Diverse Career Development

We have introduced the "pool system," which is unique in consulting industry.

Vision Consulting applies the Pool System. The Pool System is a system that allows us to change industries, work content, and consulting phases on a project basis. Most other firms divide their divisions by industry or phase. As a result, it is relatively difficult to gain the knowledge and experience you wish in a single firm, as you may have to change jobs or transfer to other divisions in order to develop your career.

At Vision Consulting, we have introduced the pool system so that each and every employee can develop his/her career in the shortest possible time, and we have an environment in which each employee can grow only at Vision Consulting. Furthermore, employees who wish to start their own businesses or become managers in the future can be involved in the management aspects in the company.

Pool System Example

  • 1)

    • First Year

      Manufacturing industry

    • Second Year

      Financial Industry

    • Third Year

      Public Administration Office

  • 2)

    • IT consulting

    • Business Consulting

    • Strategy Consulting

Evaluation System

In a typical consulting firm, there is a limit in the number of positions.
Therefore, the principle of competition for the limited number of slots.
As a result, promotions are determined by "relative evaluation" with others.
Thus, the individual's performance may not be duly reflected in the promotion.

Vision Consulting applies an "absolute evaluation" system.
By adopting a 360-degree evaluation based on six competencies and four levels of rating, we have a
system to ensure that your contribution to clients and the company is properly reflected in your
evaluation without comparison or competition with others.

Four-level rating for
six competencies

Six competencies

Vision Consulting uses a 4-level rating for the following 6 competencies.
By understanding each competency and acting based on them, we lead to personal growth and higher evaluations.

  • 1. Problem Solution
  • 2. Communication
  • 3. Management
  • 4. Sales support
  • 5. Development of self and others
  • 6. Participation in Business Management

In addition, goals are set for each competency, and the employee, human resources manager, and superior assess each competency on a 4-level rating.
The four levels have clear criteria of achievement, so the evaluation does not change from person to person.

On top of that, the client also evaluates the three competencies, which are communication skills, Problem-solving skills, and management skills, with an overall evaluation.
By reflecting evaluations from actual clients, we are able to achieve appropriate evaluations.

360-degree evaluation by the individual,
supervisor, HR, and clients

Vision Consulting applies a 360-degree evaluation system.
We realize fair evaluations by conducting evaluations from various angles.

Quantitative evaluation:
Quantitative evaluation based on objective facts such as operation rate and gross profit margin.
Competency evaluation:
Qualitative evaluation based on six competencies.
Multifaceted FB Evaluation:
A qualitative evaluation that reflects the opinions of all stakeholders (self, supervisor, human resources, and client).


"Defying conventional wisdom in the consulting industry with a mechanism" starting from inside the company

Our 13 Credo

01 Management's perspective

I am willing to do what I want to do & what is important to the organization (what the organization needs).
And I always ask myself, "If I were a manager, what would I do?

02 100 times more curious

I know that I know nothing. I will not think "I understand," but will eagerly learn everything I can.
* The more I study, the more I realize that I am ignorant. If you don't learn, you don't realize you are ignorant.

03 Fastest in the world

We make the world's fastest immediate decision, decision, execution + immediate report

04 Master of Language

In business (battlefield), "Japanese language" is a weapon.
We will thoroughly implement "KOKERI KASHIGUZUBA".

05 Professional of problem-solving

Work = problem solving.
I will not be afraid to solve problems, and I will face them bravely. I always think, "Is this world-class?"

06 Top-class trainer

Teaching leads to self-growth.
I develop others, myself, and the company.

07 Working together

Our final goal is the same.
I will work as a good team player toward the goal as a team.

08 Maximize sales, minimize expenses

I will continue to generate high profits in order to develop the company.
I will always be cost-conscious, thinking that the company's money is my money.

09 Spirit of No. 1

Even if you think it is easy, you should strive to do your best.
No matter how trivial the task, we will do our best and aim to be No. 1.
As professionals, we will never do anything halfway.

10 Initiative and Forging Ahead

I will take the initiative in everything.
I will move forward earnestly toward my own goals and objectives.

11 Putting the "other party" first

Business cannot exist without the other party.
I will strive to understand the feelings of the other party and respond accordingly.

12 Modesty, Sincerity, and Enthusiasm

I will understand that pride and sloth are the beginning of decline, and I will not forget my original spirit.
Also, I involve others and lead them to success with passion.

13 A small difference makes a big difference

I will cherish every single day, every single minute, and every single second, looking ahead to where I will be in a few years.
I will continue to exceed myself, always bettering myself today than yesterday, and tomorrow than today.
*The accumulation of "one current second" will pay back thousands of times over (compound interest).


Great opportunities regardless of age or gender, depending on one's ability.

Great opportunities regardless of age or gender, depending on one's ability.

In many Japanese companies, there is still a tendency toward a seniority system, whereby
those who are older and have been in the company longer earn higher salaries and are promoted.
At Vision Consulting, the "merits system" has taken root, in which employees are raised
and promoted according to their abilities, without being influenced by their seniority.
In fact, Vision Consulting has a "selection system" in which employees are selected for
executive positions regardless of age or gender.
We also have an "MVP System" in which several employees who achieve extraordinary
achievements are given special raises every half year.
At Vision Consulting, you will have great opportunities only depending on your ability.

Work-life Balance

"No Overtime" Culture

"No Overtime" Culture

One of the worst practices in the consulting industry is excessive working hours.
Excessive working hours have a significant impact on the performance of consultants.
As a result, the quality of consulting services has deteriorated in many cases.

At Vision Consulting, we are constantly trying to change these bad practices from the very beginning.
And we have achieved an average overtime of "16.6 hours", which is unprecedented in the consulting industry.
Moreover, in inverse proportion to the overtime hours, we have received high evaluations from many of our clients and gained their trust.

We perform to the best of our ability within the set hours and do not compromise on our work or private life.
At Vision Consulting, this way of working is feasible.


Paid holidays granted at the time of hire

Normally, employees are not granted paid leave until after six months have passed since they joined the company.
However, Vision Consulting grants 3 days of paid leave at the time of joining the company.
(*) For mid-career hires only

Welfare Program

Medical CheckupVision Consulting requires employees to take a medical checkup
once a year in order to maintain their health.
VaccinationThe company will cover the cost of influenza vaccinations.
In addition, special paid leave is available in the event of pain or physical discomfort due to a side reaction to the COVID-19 vaccination.
Subsidies for recreation facilities, etc.Membership in Kanto IT Software Union
Full services for union members
Restaurants, recreational facilities, lodging, etc.
Facilities in Hakone, Tateyama, etc. available from approx. 5,000 yen per night including 2 meals
Conference rooms, baseball fields, tennis courts, futsal courts, etc.
Discounts available for campgrounds, hotels, golf courses, fitness gyms, etc.

Incentive System

Vision Consulting has a referral hiring program.
A signing bonus is paid upon hiring decision.

Maternity leave / Childcare Leave System

Maternity leaveMaternity leave of 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after childbirth is available.
Childcare leaveEmployees can take childcare leave until the child has reached the age of one year.
After the child reaches one year of age, the childcare leave may be extended, depending on the circumstances.
Maternity leaveMaternity leave of 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after childbirth is available.