We deliver the Better World to everyone.

"Innovation. Make the World Better" is our philosophy at Vision Consulting.

Innovation is an activity that creates brand new value.
To create innovation, it is essential to embrace diversity and incorporate a variety of perspectives.
We also believe everyone should have equal access to a better world.
Vision Consulting is actively engaged in solving social issues in order to realize our mission of
"Innovation. Make the World Better".

White Company Recognition -Good Standing Company Recognition-

We have become the first major comprehensive consulting firm to be certified as a GOLD rank company in the 'White Company Recognition Program (Good Standing Company Recognition Program)' organized by General Incorporated Association Japan White Spread.


Initiatives for SDGS

  • Implementation of social security ICT systems for Southeast Asia

    Implementation of social security ICT systems for Southeast Asia

    We are working to reduce poverty and disparities in Southeast Asia by implementing social security ICT system. We will continue to provide support for the refurbishment of business applications in response to legislative amendments caused by economic trends and demographic changes.

  • Employees' health management

    Employees' health management

    We have significantly low overtime rate in the consulting industry (average monthly overtime of 20 hours). We aim to achieve a great work-life balance. In particular, we have succeeded in promoting and realizing a healthy work style through our own health training (sleep, diet, mindfulness, etc.). Executive-led work style reform, and efforts to reduce overtime.

  • Implementation of Adaptive Learning with Edtech

    Implementation of Adaptive Learning with Edtech

    Through our unique and diverse training and data-based education programs (e.g., "All Employee Instructor," "One-on-One Training," and "Adaptive Learning"), we are actively working to produce talents who can work and adapt to any environment.

  • Unique talent discovery and education systems

    Unique talent discovery and education systems

    Vision Consulting promotes an environment where you can engage in work that contributes to your personal and economic growth regardless of your age or gender.
    For example, we offer career and skill development programs for employees with no experience in the consulting industry. We also promote employees to overseas and regional branch managers after one or two years of graduation.
    We believe that every human being has potential, and we are working to contribute to economic growth by developing that potential.

  • Renewal of the power system for energy savings

    Renewal of the power system for energy savings

    We contribute to the development of a sustainable society by supporting the renewal of the power management system. Specifically, we aim to improve energy efficiency through high- and low-voltage integration and stable energy supply by integrating related systems.

  • Promotion of next-generation office and town planning

    Promotion of next-generation office and town planning

    We are providing safe and convenient workplaces for vulnerable people by supporting the creation of next-generation offices combining futuristic IT technologies (AI/IoT, etc.). We will continue to develop smart buildings that meet the needs of users and tenants, and help promote inclusive and sustainable urbanization.

  • Technological innovation and environmental protection through proprietary systems

    Technological innovation and environmental protection through proprietary systems

    Utilizing the knowledge, we have gained in the IT and consulting industries, we are enthusiastically working on the development of new technologies and services that will become an industrial infrastructure. Our services range from the development of a digital matching platform which solve the shortage of IT experts to a remote interviewing and hiring system that helps to recruit staffs safely even during the pandemic. We are also promoting in-house use of the system, and have succeeded in promotion of eco-friendly work style such as reducing paper work in several departments such as sales and HR.

  • 環境保全

    Promoting the creation of the next-generation offices and towns

    We are providing safe and convenient workplaces for vulnerable people by supporting the creation of next-generation offices combining futuristic IT technologies (AI/IoT, etc.). We will continue to develop smart buildings that meet the needs of users and tenants, and help promote inclusive and sustainable urbanization.

Promotion of women's advancement

We asked employees about how women work
in Vision Consulting.

~ Presenters ~

Tomomi Ishizeki

Joined Vision Consulting in 2018. Since joining Vision Consulting, she has gained tremendous trust from her clients. Although she is a mother of a family, she is mainly engaged in training as a deputy executive officer.

Tomomi Miyagawa

Joined Vision Consulting in 2021. Joined Vision Consulting without any consulting experience, seeking an environment where she could be surrounded by people with high integrity and skills. Striving for self-improvement to achieve the highest outcome as possible.

Mayuko Saito

Joined Vision Consulting in 2020. Since joining the company, she has been working as a PMO supporting the department conducting research and managing data to revitalize the organization,

Itsuka Homma

Joined Vision Consulting in 2021 as a graduate. Started as a mid-career recruiter, and currently engaging in business planning duties.

Facilitator: Public Relations Department Nanaka Matsumoto

【Q】 First of all, can you tell us what you have enjoyed about working at Vision Consulting ("VC")?

The joy of experience, the joy of growth, the joy of work. A life is full of joy.

Ishizeki: Since joining VC, I have been with the same client, but have been able to participate in various projects. I'm lucky I got to experience so many different projects without changing jobs. I am also involved in the training of "junior consultants" as a deputy executive officer. Many of the members are honest and positive, and I am able to witness their daily growth, which I also find enjoyable.

Miyagawa: I also enjoy my time at VC so much that I am truly glad that I changed jobs. To be honest, I was satisfied with my previous job that I didn't think of changing my workplace. However, I became interested in VC after a senior colleague from my previous job approached me and offered me an opportunity for an interview. Then, I found that there were many people who were full of enthusiasm for working and had a high level of integrity, and I thought it was an environment where I could improve myself even more, so I decided to join VC. Now that I have realized what I wanted at that time and am fulfilled both physically and mentally, I am truly glad that I joined VC.

Homma: I feel most enjoyable when I am able to work with discretion, regardless of age. Specifically, this year, I was entrusted with the task of launching the disability inclusion operations worked until we achieved our goals. Currently, I am identifying of areas for improvement and developing new operations to achieve our goals for the next fiscal year.

Saito: From my point of view, one of the attractions that I enjoy is the speed of decision makings. Even important decisions such as company structure development, escalation to decision makers and decisions by decision makers are made in a matter of seconds.
I was part of a very large company before, but I never experienced such a fast-decision-making process, and I am still amazed every day, even after two years with the company.

Matsumoto: VC is an environment where you can feel satisfaction in your work even if you are in a different position. I feel the same way as everyone else, as I enjoy working with my seniors and supervisors on a daily basis!

【Q】 Do you feel any gender inequality when working at VC?

Mindset and results are the evaluation indicators. Gender or age doesn't matter!

Ishizeki, Miyagawa, Homma, Saito: Not at all!! (All voices together)

Everyone: (laughs)

Miyagawa: There is absolutely no difference in rules and conditions between men and women with regard to the evaluation system and project assignments.
We are very careful about "harassment," especially "sexual harassment," and I feel that there is no environment in which there is a difference between men and women, both inside and outside the company.

Ishizeki: In the first place, there is no point in differentiating between men and women in this industry. In the consulting industry, people who produce more results should be evaluated more highly, and I think VC has incorporated this point strongly into its evaluation system.

Homma: There is no gender discrimination in the recruiting team! Performances are evaluated appropriately. If you achieve good results, you will be able to take on the challenge of new projects and the establishment of new business operations.
Furthermore, we are evaluated regardless of age and years of experiences as well as gender. We are given equal opportunities.

Saito: I agree with Ms. Homma. Not only performance, but also attitude and mindset toward work are considered into the evaluation items.
Specifically, there are qualitative and quantitative criteria for evaluating mindset, not just as an evaluation perspective, but also to assess "which of the above I fall into and whether I am able to take action.

Homma: Yes!!! And it seems to me that, in part due to that effect, our corporate members have a positive attitude!

Matsumoto: I 'm a corporate member too, so I'll try to stay positive like Ms. Homma and Ms. Saito!

【Q】 Can you maintain a work-life balance (WLB) when working at VC?

The quality of private life is the quality of business! Women who shine in both public and private life

Miyagawa: Currently, I am able to keep my WLB. In my previous project, I often had to communicate with people overseas, so I had to work a lot of overtime due to time difference. I talked with the project sales manager and my mentor, and they worked to curb the overtime.
As a result, I was able to move to my current project and maintain my WLB.
I am grateful to the company and those who worked with me to understand and accommodate my request on an individual basis, even though I may have been selfish in some respects.
In addition, we do not have task overload in our current projects, as we are expected to work within the contracted hours and deliver results.

Homma: I also keep WLB. I am off on weekends and holidays and do not exceed the overtime hours stipulated in the agreement.
Even if I have to work on weekends, holidays, or late at night for interviews, I can make adjustments by taking compensatory holidays or flexible working hours.
In addition, in order to avoid unnecessary overtime work, we have a system in which employees can only work overtime after receiving approval from their supervisors to ensure that the overtime work is truly meaningful.
This system has enabled me to make a sound judgment on whether or not I need to work overtime even when I am flustered, and to be mindful of how to handle tasks in normal times as quickly as possible so as not to work overtime.

Saito: I am able to maintain my WLB as well as the two of you.
My tasks are basically generated by requests from people around me, and I think the fact that I can adjust and consult with them about their desired deadline dates even when tasks pile up is a factor for maintaining WLB.
Also, requests made after 6:00 p.m. can be handled on the next business day, which is a big advantage.
I think it is wonderful that the company as a whole is aware of the need to discourage overtime work in this way.

Ishizeki: From my standpoint as a deputy executive officer, I believe that the company is making efforts to curb overtime work for both men and women. In particular, thanks to the remote work system, I think it is a good thing for women that they are able to be flexible, for example, receiving delivery and taking care of children during work.

Matsumoto: I see that the whole company has a way to maintain WLB. I would like to learn from them and try to maintain WLB so that I can do higher quality work.

【Q】 Finally, what exactly is VC's unique "environment for women to thrive"?

This is the VC’s " Action Plan based on Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace"

Miyagawa: I believe that the VC way is "to provide an equal working environment for all people”. Specifically, I believe that we evaluate everyone's achievements fairly, justly, and clearly, and I am very satisfied with the environment at this point. In addition to this, as I have mentioned so far, we are able to maintain WLB, and I would like to see more female consultants joining us.

Ishizeki: Perhaps the image of consultants as a "male industry" is still strong. In order to dispel that image, I would like to promote "the active role of female consultants in VC.

Homma: The work environment for corporate position is also an ideal environment for women because of "equal work opportunities and evaluations" and "equal perspectives and values for men and women".

Saito: I am of the same opinion as Ms. Homma. In fact, there are cases where women are appointed to important positions, such as deputy executive officers like Ms. Ishizeki, or women as department heads.

Ishizeki: I believe that the difference between men and women is only "to give birth or not”. Childcare is for both men and women. I believe that if we can provide prenatal and postnatal care and follow-up after returning to work, no difference between men and women will occur. The difference between men and women will not occur. As acting executive officer, I intend to build such an environment.
In addition, I would like to further improve the environment for those who have returned to work after maternity leave, as well as systems that enable women to work shorter hours or remotely at workplaces.
In this way, we would like to further enhance the environment in which women can play an active role, and we would like to encourage female consultants and those who are seeking fair evaluation to join our company.

Matsumoto: From what I've heard so far, I think that VC is an environment where you can fully demonstrate your value without experiencing of "gender inequality”.

Matsumoto: I was able to get a clear picture of the situation regarding "working women" in VC. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today.

Ishizeki, Miyagawa, Homma, Saito: Thank you for your hard work.

Matsumoto: I have just joined the company, so I am learning daily from my seniors about my strengths and how to proceed with my work.

I will do my best to become a valuable talent and recognized as "excellent employees" like everyone else!!



LGBT+ is one of the terms used to describe sexual minorities, including sexual orientation (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual) and gender identity (Transgender).
With the recent spread of the term LGBT+, sexual diversity has been recognized and social systems which take this into account are slowly increasing.
However, it is also the fact that discrimination and prejudice against sexual minorities still remain.
At Vision Consulting, we respect each and every employee and prohibit all types of discrimination and harassment, including discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.
We have also established a consultation service to follow up our employees.
We will continue to make efforts toward our goal of "Innovation. Make the World Better" by creating an
environment where each employee can maximize his/her individuality.

Challenged Hiring program

-Recruitment of people with disabilities-

With the revision of the Law for Employment Promotion of Persons with Disabilities, major companies are creating an environment in which people with disabilities can play an active role in society.
Vision Consulting is also actively recruiting people with disabilities through our Challenged Hiring program.
We provide a place where people with or without disabilities can maximize their individuality and play an active role in society.
This is an internal business support position and you will play a role in promoting the growth of Vision Consulting.

• Supporting new sales development

• Data preparation of various documents

• Schedule coordination and progress management of various tasks

• Purchase and sales management

• Financial and labor status reporting

• Salary calculation

Click here to see the application guidelines for challenged positions.