"We investigate and analyze problems faced in corporate activities, identify their causes, and propose solutions. We also provide support for the execution of these solutions.
You will be involved in the management of the company and play a role as a professional who leads it to growth."

Main Job Description

Vision Consulting is a full-service consulting firm that handles everything from strategy to implementation. From management and business strategy planning to IT-enabled corporate transformation, we provide consulting services that contribute to the solution of individual client issues, without being limited to specific areas of existing solutions, thereby supporting the enhancement of corporate value.

Business Producer

"You will be involved in Vision Consulting's ""business management "" and be responsible for the management of people, goods, and money.
You will be assigned to the level of ""partner"" at other firms from the first year."

Main Job Description

*Only a limited number of positions at the "co-owner" level are responsible for these tasks at other firms.

The range of work includes corporate sales of strategy, operations, IT, and DX consulting, recruiting, training, revenue management and marketing. And you will be involved in business growth at the forefront of management.

The position of the business producer is an extremely rare position among many companies. For example, some of people who experienced business producers became branch managers in Japan and overseas, or started their own businesses.

Global Business Producer

A business producer for the global market. Vision Consulting is expanding its business overseas in order to become a global consulting firm originating from Japan.

As same as the Business Producer position, you will be responsible for the "partner" level of overseas work at other firms from your first year.

Main Job Description

This is a business producer who manages overseas branches. In addition to the " business management " of a domestic business producer, you will be responsible for planning overseas business, launching and managing new overseas branches, and developing new business overseas.

As same as the Business Producer position, this is a unique position among many companies, where you will be responsible for extremely challenging and highly discretionary work.

Application Requirements

Type of Application

Selection process


Estimated annual salary for the first year 3.5 - 4 million yen
Example of salary increase
- 1st year annual salary 3.5 million yen (age 22) ⇒ 10 million yen (age 27)
- 1st year annual salary 3.5 million yen (age 23) ⇒ 6 million yen (age 26) ⇒ 12 million yen (age 30)

Working hours


Work location

* Overseas work may be required for global position

Other benefits

Actual commuting expenses
Business trip allowance
Overtime allowance

Training System

■ Pre-employment training
- Improvement of business communication skills
- Logical thinking

■ 1-on-1 OJT training
- Experience business operations from the day you join the company in on-the-job format.
- Your supervisor gives you advices everyday. Every day is a training session.

Application Requirements

- Any faculties/majors
- Up to 27 years old *To ensure long-term career development of young people

Universities in recruitment history

University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Hitotsubashi University, Tohoku University, Osaka University, Hokkaido University, Kyushu University, University of California, University of Minnesota, University of San Francisco, Lindenwood University, Australian National University, University of Western Sydney, Sunshine Coast University, University of British Columbia, University of Central Lancashire University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, National Taiwan University, Keio University, Waseda University, Sophia University, Chuo University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Meiji University, Hosei University, Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Kansai University, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, etc.

Benefits and Welfare

- Social insurance system
- Work-related accident compensation
- Training available
- Transportation expenses
- Other

A member of Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Society - Full services for union members - Restaurants, recreational facilities, lodging, etc. (e.g.) Facilities in Hakone, Tateyama, etc. available from approx. 5,000 yen per night with breakfast and dinner. - Conference rooms, baseball fields, tennis courts, futsal courts, etc. are available. - Discounts are available for campgrounds, hotels, golf courses, fitness gyms, etc.

Holiday vacation

- 2 days off per week
- Year-end and New Year vacations
- Paid Leave
- Celebration and condolence leave
- Special leave
- GW vacation
- Summer vacation
- Shortened working hours for childcare
- Special leave for pregnant women
- Maternity leave
* More than 120 days off per year

Work-life balance

- Consultant : 22 hours overtime work/month on average
- Business Producer: 40 hours overtime work/month on average
*More than 45 hours/month is restricted.

Bonus (actual)

- Twice a year (June and December)