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and contribute to Society.
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Vision Consulting is a general consulting firm with one of the TOP growth rates in the industry.
This overwhelming growth is based on the strength of our recruiting and training system.
We have created a system that enables us to attract the best consultants.
We have also created a system that enables our consultants to grow into professionals who can produce results that exceed expectations.


  • 1.Speed

    Vision Consulting focuses on speed in everything we do. We believe that by always acting in the fastest speed, we can improve customer satisfaction, maximize sales and lead to company and personal growth. Vision Consulting is looking for people with a sense of speed who can think quickly and act quickly.

  • 2.Initiative

    In these rapidly changing markets and environments, we encounter many new challenges and are expected to solve them on our own. Vision Consulting is looking for people who can take action to sort out and resolve issues on their own when something goes wrong.

  • 3.A spirit of challenge

    Vision Consulting offers an environment where people of any age, gender or experience can take on any challenge. Continuous challenge leads to personal growth. Vision Consulting is looking for people who are interested in anything and can put it into action, people who are never satisfied with the current situation, and people who are always aware of problems and proactively take on challenges.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

About Application and Selection

How long does it take from the time I send my resume until I am hired?
It depends on the individual, but please allow one to two weeks.
What is the selection process?
The selection process is as follows.
After screening of documents, one to two interviews will be conducted and a decision will be made in a short period of time.
I have no consulting experience. Can I still apply?
Consulting experience is not required.
Anyone with IT skills and deep industry expertise who wants to become a consultant is welcome to apply.
Who is suited to become a strategic consultant?
Logical thinking, strong communication skills, and speed are essential qualities and skills.
In addition, we are looking for creativity as well as the overall human ability to lead innovative changes to a successful outcome.
Is there an age limit?
There is no clear age limit.
We will make a judgment based on your past experience and skills.

About the Company Culture

Are there any horizontal or vertical ties?
At Vision Consulting, each employee is assigned a mentor.
This is an environment where you can discuss not only your career plans and work content but also your personal life.
The mentor is an ongoing relationship that is maintained regardless of the project unit, so it is possible for employees to build a good relationship with each other.
Are there any opportunities for employees to express their opinions?
Yes, we do. At Vision Consulting, our policy is that all employees manage the company. We have a corporate culture in which employees are welcome to freely express their opinions regardless of their position.
How much overtime work do you have and how often do you work on weekends?
Basically, overtime work does not occur very often. However, due to the nature of work on a project basis, there is a variation between busy periods and not. When deliverables are close to being delivered, work may be required on Saturdays, Sundays, and late at night. On the other hand, it is possible to take long paid vacations between projects.
What is the ratio of mid-career hires to total employees?
The percentage of mid-career hires (regular employees) is 98% in FY2018, 87% in FY2019, and 85% in FY2020 ( at March 1, 2021), with many mid-career employees working at Vision Consulting.
We also focus on hiring new graduates and from FY 2019 onward, the percentage of newly hired employees is increasing.

About Assignments

How is my project assignment decided?
Assignments are made based on the individual's needs and career path.
Are there any overseas assignments?
Basically, we work in Japan.
However, there may be opportunities to work overseas when our clients expand their business to other countries.
Are there any regional assignments?
No. Most of our work is done in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
This is because most of our clients in Japan have their headquarters in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
However, there is a possibility that you may be asked to work in a rural area if you are supporting a client based in a regional city.

About Training Programs

What kind of training programs are available?
Can I become a training instructor?

About the Evaluation System

How are evaluations conducted?
Evaluation is made according to the personnel evaluation system based on competency evaluation.
The higher your performance, the more you will be evaluated.
Evaluation is based on ability regardless of the year.
When is the salary revision?
It is done in May every year.

About Human Resources

What is your vacation policy?
We have the following
Weekly holidays
National holidays
Year end and New Year holidays
Summer and winter vacation
Annual paid vacations (10 days in the first year)
Marriage leave
Maternity/paternity leave
Maternity/paternity leave, spouse maternity leave, etc.
Is it possible to transfer between groups after joining the company?
Yes, if you are suitable for the position.
What are the benefits?
We are fully equipped with various types of social insurance and other systems.
For details, please refer to the recruitment page for new graduates and experienced employees (see below).