Here is the place to become the best in the world.

Executive Officer



Joined Vision Consulting in 2018.

- Prior to joining VC, worked as system engineer at a company with the top market share in Japan.
- Supported over 400 clients in more than 10 industries.
(Finance / Construction / Logistics / Retail / IT / Advertising / Automobile / Electrical Machinery / Service / Government)
- Decided to resign the day after achieving the top performance in the country, including being awarded as the best employee by the president.
- Joined Vision Consulting, a firm that aims to be the best in the world, as a next step.
- As a business consultant, participated in large-scale projects with a budget of 1.5 trillion yen, including business planning, strategic planning, service planning, systemization planning, and marketing strategy.
- Promoted systemic reforms to resolve company-wide organizational issues.
- Appointed as executive officer in 2020.

What motivated you to enter the company?

Even if you have no experience, it is possible to improve your skills and career and seriously aim to be the best in the world.

In my previous job, I was involved in system implementation as an SE, not as a consultant.

One day, I received an award as the best SE in my company, which made me think that I had learned everything I could as an SE so I decided to change jobs. For my own further growth, I became interested in the consulting industry.

Next to being the best in Japan, I want to be the best in the world. Vision Consulting has a clear goal of becoming the world's top consulting firm by 2038.

Aiming to be the world's top consulting firm, both as a company and as an individual, fits my motivation to grow and I found it strongly appealing.

What is your current job?

Currently, as Corporate Planning, I am responsible for developing a system to advance all operations and strategies within the company.

Specifically, I am developing and implementing measures on a daily basis, such as formulating the internal organization and evaluation system, 100% employee satisfaction, structuring the training program, sharing the knowledge of all consultants and maximizing customer evaluations.

I have felt the organizational issues for some time, but since we needed someone to lead and execute, I asked management directly to "let me do it."

My current work is very challenging because I have enough discretion and responsibility to move the company and all employees.

I have to think from scratch and go through a lot of trial and error but the environment in which I can use my experience for the benefit of the organization and employees is motivating to me.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

Our greatest strength is the extremely high level of employee satisfaction.
Because of this high level of satisfaction, the quality of our work and the reputation of our clients remain at a high level.

In addition, we have a team of people who have positive, logical thinking skills and a strong will to be the best.

At Vision Consulting, we believe that we can work together with these passionate people to transform our organization for the better.

For Job Seekers.

You can challenge yourself as a consultant even if you have no experience.

What executives look for in each consultant is not superficial skills but the ability to formulate a hypothesis and present the evidence for it.
As long as you have the talent and motivation to formulate hypotheses and provide evidence, you can become a consultant even with no experience.
At Vision Consulting, you can realize this.
And we will continue to grow without fear of change.