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Executive Officer



Joined Vision Consulting in 2021

- Gained expertise in SCM & logistics-related operations while working for Amazon Japan.
- Provided a wide range of support for new business launches, mainly for global IT projects, both Japanese and foreign-affiliated organizations.
- After joining Vision Consulting, engaged in SCM and DX improvement and service planning in the automotive industry.
- Management duties include planning and promoting HR strategies and continuous improvement of the evaluation system.
- Appointed as deputy executive officer in 2021.

What motivated you to enter the company?

I wanted to maximize my experience and skills at Amazon Japan G.K. for the benefit of a better world.
I was also looking for a place to work, a strong organization with a philosophy and vision that I could relate to from the bottom of my heart as well as excellent colleagues.

The interviewer at the time spoke passionately about Vision Consulting's philosophy and I decided to join the company based on a combination of enthusiasm and empathy.

After actually joining the company, I am sure that my decision at the time was not mistaken.

What is your current job?

I am participating in a project related to DX for an automobile manufacturer and involved in policy planning and project management.

This industry is said to be undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation and not only major global manufacturers but also newcomers from other industries such as IT are entering the industry and competing with each other for survival.

I found it very rewarding to be involved in a project to create a new business model in such an environment.

As a deputy executive officer, I am also responsible for planning and promoting various measures for the company's growth such as recruitment, employee training, and building partnerships with clients.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

I think the following three points are the most important.
1. Overwhelming growth speed
Vision Consulting has been in business for 9 years but our growth rate seems to be accelerating every year.
Because we continue to grow rapidly, we are always able to offer many opportunities and positions to our employees. We encourage motivated and capable employees to take on challenges by giving them a great deal of discretion, regardless of their age or experience.
This environment further accelerates the growth of our employees and our company.
2. clear evaluation system
We have realized a clear and absolute evaluation system in which everyone’s evaluation decisions are consistent.
As a consultant, there are two evaluation axes: client evaluation and internal evaluation.
Client evaluations are based on feedback from the clients of the consultants’ projects, and are directly linked to personnel evaluations.
For internal evaluations, clear criteria are made publicly available to determine what is required to be accomplished in order to receive a rating.
In other words, you can focus on the customer and your own actions without being influenced by what kind of work site you participated in or who was your supervisor.
By producing results in line with the two evaluation axes, I was able to become a deputy executive officer even though I had only been with the company for less than six months.
3. work-life balance
At Vision Consulting, we thoroughly eliminate the long working hours that are generally associated with consultants.
The average overtime hours of our consultants are less than 20 hours.
We value not only work but also sleep and other rest, time with family and friends, hobbies and other life-enriching activities.
We believe that this helps to improve the performance and personal qualities of our consultants as a result.

For Job Seekers.

We would love to have you if you believe in your own potential, want to growth to your fullest ability and have a passionate desire to make the world a better place.

If you are customer oriented and have a strong desire to grow, you can work with us even if you have no experience in consulting.

We welcome challenges, and we have a strong internal support system in place.

Vision Consulting offers an environment where you can grow your business, contribute to the world and maximize your own growth.
As consultants, I hope to achieve more results that will make our clients happy, help the world and enable our employees to grow.

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