I decide my own career.

Consulting & IT Business Department / Consulting Division

Business Analyst



Joined Vision Consulting as a new graduate in 2019.

- Supporting major insurance company on the renewal of its enterprise system with a budget of 150 billion yen and analysis of improvements in all business processes.
- Experienced negotiations with CxO class and data mining.

What motivated you to enter the company?

Among the companies I was selected for, I felt this was the best environment for personal growth.
There are three main reasons.

1. career diversity
I was attracted to the fact that I can design my career with a high degree of freedom from a variety of options.

At other companies there is a large risk of assignment due to job rotation or career development with a fixed job type, industry and job description.

At Vision Consulting, we have introduced a pooling system which provides both the hard side of wide-ranging experience across industries and fields, and the soft side of a culture in which if you raise your hand for something you want to challenge, we will let you take on the challenge.

2.Great Discretion
I was attracted to the fact that from my first year at the company, I was involved in the work of a manager at a consulting firm or a general manager at an operating company, and was able to experience making decisions on my own.

(Example of experience)
- Negotiations with representative directors and other stakeholders
- Planning, implementation and measurement of effectiveness to increase the number of recruits
- Interviewing high-level personnel and deciding whether or not to make an offer.

3. Growth-oriented culture
Through the interviews, I got the impression that many employees are growth-oriented.
I felt that this is an environment where I can grow together with employees as I can engage in friendly competition with my peers and when I feel down, I can look at the employees around me and be inspired to do my best as well.

What is your current job?

As a consultant, I am engaged in resolving issues for our clients.
Specifically, we are supporting a leading company in the non-life insurance industry.

The project is a large-scale project with a budget of over 150 billion yen because the company requires a complete renewal of its core system with the purpose of fundamentally reviewing all business processes.
My work focuses on negotiating with stakeholders, preparing documents and making proposals.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

From an employee's perspective, it is easy to work as a consultant even if you have no experience.
This is because we have a strong support system.

We offer group training and one-on-one training which we encourage you to attend on a regular basis.
In addition, employees are assigned a dedicated mento, so you can consult with them and receive appropriate advice.

For Job Seekers.

If you are interested in the consulting industry or Vision Consulting but not confident enough to take the first step, we would like to invite you to apply for the selection process at Vision Consulting.

The interviewer will carefully explain the support system of Vision Consulting to you.
I think you will be able to get an image of what it is like to work at Vision Consulting.

Finally, I look forward to working with all of you who have applied and are interested in Vision Consulting!