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Business Producer



Joined Vision Consulting in 2022.

・Worked at a large electric power company after graduating Tokyo University Faculty of Engineering and completing the Graduate School of Engineering prior to joining Vision Consulting.
・As part of business management, responsible for planning and promoting investment strategies.

What motivated you to enter the company?

I wanted an environment where I can engage in challenging jobs.
In my previous job, I had a lot of routine tasks and I questioned if I can grow. At the same time, I was weary of continuing the monotonous tasks for years.
Therefore, when I was looking for a new job, I was looking for "an environment where I could be involved in a challenging job from an early stage."

Hearing that I will be entrusted with non-routine and difficult tasks from the first day of joining Vision Consulting, I decided to join the company.
After joining the company, I was able to experience jobs that were still in the establishment phase. As I needed to respond flexibly, I was able to feel myself grow.

What is your current job?

I am involved in the development of the company's investment strategy to maximize corporate value.
Specifically, I am engaged in "selection of investment candidates, calculation of theoretical stock prices, and management survey", which are highly difficult operations involved with company management.

I am very motivated by the fact that I can experience new and responsible work one after another at an early stage, and I enjoy working on my task everyday.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

Vision Consulting has two strengths.

The first is, an environment where I can challenge myself for my future goal.
I have set a goal to become a CFO in the future.
The executives are supporting my goal, and letting me get involved in financial tasks.

At Vision Consulting, regardless of my experience, I was able to challenge the work I want to do, helping me develop my career.
This environment allows me to advance my career faster than my peers at other companies.

The second strength is a culture of feedback.
There is a culture of thoroughly providing feedback to each employee from the first day of joining the company with a 1-on-1 supervisor.

Since I can receive thorough feedback, I can compensate for the viewpoint that I lacked. Also, I can take on challenging jobs from a young age despite being inexperienced.

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