Challenge to change the world

Outside Director



・Worked for McKinsey & Company and Nomura Research Institute prior to joining Vision Consulting as Outside Director in 2022.
・Has extensive expertise in planning and supporting the implementation of business strategies, operational reforms, and IT strategies, with focus on the financial, manufacturing, telecommunications, and service industries.
・Has experience in global projects such as global business strategy and global human resource development.
・He is a co-author of “The reality of Digital Transforemation”(Nikkei Business Publications, Inc).
・Have been writing a series of articles on Sankei Shimbun “Digital Compass” from August 2022.

What motivated you to enter the company?

I decided to join Vision Consulting to contribute to the further development of the company by revitalizing the organization through general management advices that are based on my knowledges and experiences I have gained.

What is your current job?

As an outside director, I focus on providing advice on improving management efficiency, supervising overall management, evaluating management, and overseeing conflicts of interest.
Specifically, I use the knowledge I have accumulated to provide advice on how to improve the quality and added value of our consulting business, enhance brand value, and strengthen sales and recruiting activities.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

There are three major points.
First, based on the principle, "No company growth without employee growth," we focus on employee development.
Second, we are constantly improving business process and reforming our structure toward organizational revitalization.
Third, we are never satisfied with our current business, always have the ability to figure out the most appropriate way of thinking and acting, and take the initiative to make changes.

For Job Seekers.

At Vision Consulting, we actively take opportunities that are "unprecedented" and "never done before" in new directions.
We look forward to working together with you to take on the challenge of changing the industry as well as the whole world.