We are a consulting firm, but our competitor is in fact "GAFA"!

Consulting & IT Business Department / Consulting Division

Engagement Manager



Joined Vision Consulting in 2017.

- Expertise in IT strategy, marketing strategy development, and IT architecture with 5G strengths in industries such as telecommunications, real estate, finance, IT, and government.
- Engaged in the formulation of digitalization strategies and operational reforms at a major cosmetics manufacturer.

What motivated you to enter the company?

The interviewer said, "We are aiming to be the Google of Japan".
What does it mean to aim to be the Google of Japan, even though we are a consulting firm?
The answer was found in Vision Consulting's underlying philosophy and business activities.

Based on the philosophy of "making the world the most convenient place in the world," Vision Consulting is also engaged in new business development by utilizing the knowledge we have gained from our consulting business.

In an environment where we are allowed to do anything that is in line with our philosophy, we are actually taking on the challenges of drones, AI, platform businesses and so on.

Creating synergy between consulting and new business to make the world the most convenient place in the world is the reason why Google has a name.
I decided to join here because I wanted to play a part in achieving this dream with a great cause.

What is your current job?

Together with a major foreign consulting firm, I am providing procurement support for 5G-related systems for government and municipal offices.

Specifically, I am engaged in examining system specifications, researching vendor products, investigating advanced case studies and developing business schemes.
Since I am engaged in business development of cutting-edge technologies that have not yet been widely used in the world, both creative thinking and logical thinking are required at a high level.

I also learn a lot in collaborating with other firms which makes my days very exciting.
I find it very rewarding when the projects I am in charge of are reported as global news.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

In a word, flexibility.
Our company is very active in internal reforms and the speed of implementation is very fast.
Employees can freely propose system reforms, business plans, etc. and promote them in an agile style.

In addition, there is no industry cut-off like other firms and employees can freely move between consulting, BP (business producer) and new business divisions, allowing employees to develop their own desired career paths and maximize their abilities.

The skills and capabilities required by companies and employees will continue to change at a rapid pace due to rapid technological innovation but Vision Consulting will be able to flexibly adapt to these changes.H126

For Job Seekers.

If you want to grow overwhelmingly, please do not hesitate to apply.
Those who can think and act proactively will be given evaluations and discretion that are not possible at other companies.
Let's become the Google of Japan together!