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Business Promotion



- Graduated from Waseda University's Faculty of Law, and joined Vision Consulting in 2020.
- Have been a member of the Human Resources and Labor Relations Department from the time he joined the company until now.
- Have been engaged in a wide range of work, including labor management, personnel evaluation, human resource development, and organizational development.
- Also provide support for human resource strategies related to management and improvement of evaluation systems.

What motivated you to enter the company?

The speed of decision-making as a company was attractive.
Not only Vision Consulting is close to the upper management team but also has a culture in which employees always think about how to reach their goals efficiently in a short time while accepting good opinions immediately.
Specifically, I felt the speed of progress both in the job interview and decision-making. It gave me a good impression because many employees were full of the spirit that "We make the company grow OURSELVES."

What is your current job?

I am responsible for Labor management and Business promotions of Personnel evaluation.
I feel the magnitude of my responsibility because many tasks are directly related to internal and external evaluations.
Nevertheless, I always feel rewarded and enjoyable at the same time by thinking about what I can do to make a better company.

With a view to the further growth of the company, I want to proceed to grow myself while continuing to promote business faithfully and flexibly.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

1. Speed of decision-making
If the basis is clear and the proposal is to make the company better, any suggestion can always be taken as a review, and this strengtth motivated me to enter the company.

2. Work and Life Balance
Vision Consulting is developing a better working environment by thoroughly curbing overtime work, which is one of the things the Human resource department is putting effort into.
I am the type of person who wants to ensure a shift between work and personal life, I feel that I have a healthy and flexible working style both physically and mentally.

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