Record-Breaking Achievement Ever! Vision Consulting’s HR Strategies To Beat The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)!


It is said that individual stability (individual ability) is more important than corporate stability (not going bankrupt).

At Vision Consulting, we believe by focusing on individual stability allows each individual to be more productive and result in a more stable company.


In spite of the unprecedented corona recession, Vision Consulting, in its seventh year of business, has approximately 300 employees and continues to set new monthly highs in sales, operating income, and number of employees.


So, we’d like to talk about one of Vision Consulting’s HR strategies (how we build individual competence).


To put it bluntly, the secret to our employee’s success is our unique data-driven approach to training, and one-on-one mentoring.


Specifically, through the following three initiatives, what would take other companies five years to develop their careers can be realized in two to three years at Vision Consulting.


1) Visualization of consultant skills through a data-driven approach
First, we define and visualize the skills and abilities of each consultant based on tens of thousands of past data.


(2) Adaptive learning using the latest trend in EdTech.
Then, we identify each consultant’s strengths and weaknesses and specify individual assignments for them to improve their skills in the shortest possible time.


(3) One-on-one mentorship program to solve individual problems.
Finally, the mentor will work with you one-on-one to solve the problems you set.


These initiatives are the secret to improving employee capabilities in the shortest possible time.


This kind of data-driven training and one-on-one training is not easily available at other companies, and is very popular as a unique training method.


While many companies have stopped hiring, we at Vision Consulting are actively recruiting.
We look forward to hearing from you.