Let's carve out a new path ourselves!

Deputy Executive Officer



Joined Vision Consulting in 2022.

- Worked at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and a different strategy consulting prior to joining Vision Consulting.
- Led numerous start-up projects as a strategic consultant.
- Well-versed in the manufacturing industry, business and product strategy, business start-ups, and competitive benchmarking.
- Appointed to the Deputy Executive Officer in 2023.

What motivated you to enter the company?

The main reason was the enthusiasm of the recruiter.
During the interview, I was profoundly struck by the recruiter’s idea of, "Making Vision Consulting a better company together."
I have a strong motivation to proactively make decisions and innovations, and I thought that could be achieved at this company.
There was also a gap between my background and the company's strengths.
Therefore, I decided to join the company as I was able to envision me expanding the possibilities for the company.

What is your current job?

As a strategy consultant, I provide a wide range of consulting services for customer needs - from formulating medium-term management plans for major global companies to supporting starting up businesses, and promoting DX for major equipment manufacturers.
Instead of providing off-the-shelf solutions, I execute projects after analyzing the customer's challenges from scratch.
As the deputy executive officer, I am also in charge of the development and sales of overseas and prime projects; and preparing in-house training materials for consultants.
I always approach my work with an attitude of tackling challenges without setting my limits.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

The fact that business operations and the scope are indefinite.
Vision Consulting has continued to grow rapidly and will continue to pursue even greater growth than ever before.
It is not a business of routine work with passivity, but one that constantly requires new challenges.
Therefore, our company requires and welcomes each and every employee to proactively take on actions and challenges themselves.
Vision Consulting is one of the few companies where you can achieve a challenging environment.

For Job Seekers.

As I said, Vision Consulting welcomes challenges.
Vision Consulting has the best environment for those who are willing to challenge their abilities to the fullest and take on challenges rather than passively working.
The company is still in the phase of growing, and thus, we are looking forward to colleagues who are enthusiastic about growing the company together!