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Consulting & IT Business Department / Consulting Division




Joined Vision Consulting in 2021.

- Worked as a partner at a foreign-affiliated consulting firm.
- Former-member of the Board of directors of the International CIO Academy.
- Has expertise in IT strategy, IT governance, and DX strategy in the area of next-generation technologies.
- Engaged in launching new businesses using AI and IoT solutions.

What motivated you to enter the company?

I was attracted by the company culture that seriously aims to become the world's number one consulting firm, is committed to providing value to clients, and encourages employees to grow while improving each other's skills.
Furthermore, the board members spoke passionately about the various issues that have arisen as a result of the company's rapid growth and their specific efforts to address measures to solve these issues, and I was struck by their words that they wanted us to work together with the intention of rebuilding the company.
I decided to join the company to make full use of my experience, skills, and knowledge to contribute to the company.

What is your current job?

I provide consulting services to solve management issues using IT, including DX, and support proposals for business and system renewal projects, and introduce the most suitable consultants for each client's issues.
Even after consultants begin participating in a project, we provide support and follow-up to ensure that the client's expectations are met.
At the same time, we are improving the environment (systems, processes, etc.) to promote growth as consultants, planning and promoting mechanisms to improve sales productivity, and supporting recruitment activities.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

Where high productivity and employee growth are achieved through thorough, continuous, and diligent efforts to solve clients' business issues, and through cooperation among various employees as well as consultants in the field.
I also believe that the company takes the problems that arise seriously and continues to work to resolve and improve them.

For Job Seekers.

We are looking for people who have a "clear awareness of purpose," "willingness to take on new challenges," and "greed and humility to continue learning."
Whether you have experience or not, we are waiting for you with the best work and environment to grow as a consultant!