Never-ending Challenge

Consulting & IT Business Department / Consulting Division

Engagement Manager 



- After graduating from the University of Tokyo Institute of Technology, worked for Hitachi prior to joining Vision Consulting.
- Is in charge of core system proposal and design for several government agencies.
- Experienced in managing both small and large scale projects as a PL and PMO.
- Also provides executive facilitation.

What motivated you to enter the company?

I have experienced everything from proposal to operation and maintenance as a system engineer, but I wanted to be in charge of upstream processes, so I decided to change my career to IT consulting.
I also wanted to challenge myself in various industries, and one-pool system of Vision Consulting was very appealing to me.

What is your current job?

Together with several foreign and domestic firms, I am participating in a core system renewal project for a certain government agency.
Currently, I am working on team building, creating and detailing a schedule, examining the description of the creation deliverables, and organizing the deliverable review perspectives for the upcoming development work.
Since this project is scheduled to be developed on a large scale, many Vision Consulting members and members from other firms are participating in this project, making it a very exciting site.
It has been extremely rewarding to be involved in the largest-scale development work I have ever been involved in, including my previous jobs.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

1. The high degree of personal freedom.
The one-pool system allows us to work on a variety of projects without being bound to a specific genre or industry.
2. There is an environment where people can feel free to ask for advice.
Various people, including the assigning manager and current participants, are available for consultation until the project is assigned.
In the current project, connections among Vision Consulting members are strong, which has been helpful even though I have been involved for a relatively short period of time.

Even though I had been working in an organization up until then, this was very new for me.

For Job Seekers.

I believe that the firm has a high degree of freedom and can fully demonstrate its individual strengths.
The way we work is changing as we move toward an era of 100 years of life, and I believe it is now possible to draw up different plans for one's career than in the past.
If you are willing to take on challenges regardless of age or experience, please enter the contest.