Never give up on personal growth or family time.

Consulting & IT Business Department / Consulting Division

Engagement Manager



- Worked at a major recruitment agencies prior to Vision Consulting.
- Has expertise in the IT infrastructure domain. Specifically, IT security, network access analysis, UI/UX improvement research, and data analysis utilizing information science theory.
- Engaged in various risk analyses for server security measures, as well as system improvement planning and formulation in the broadcasting industry.
- Through interviews and discussions with high-level personnel, present a grand design and make recommendations.

What motivated you to enter the company?

One of the reasons for changing jobs was to achieve personal growth and I wanted to acquire experience and skills that would be useful to companies and organizations even 10 years from now, by acquiring experience as a consultant.

However, I honestly felt worried about whether I would be able to balance the challenge of consulting, with raising a child.
Then I heard from the recruiter about the company's measures to reduce overtime, its understanding of diverse work styles and its consideration for employees when participating in projects and I decided to join the company.

What is your current job?

I am engaged in a security promotion project for cyber security measures at a major broadcasting station.

In the media industry, digital services are expanding rapidly and requires a response that balances business speed and security measures/enforcement.

Currently, I am working as a security consultant, conducting risk analysis of critical systems and their operations and making recommendations for countermeasures.
In addition, I also support and promote the operational launch of vulnerability management projects.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

We have a strong culture in which each employee thinks and acts on his or her own initiative.
One of our strengths is that when we come up with new measures, we immediately put them into action.

The larger the company or organization, the more difficult this may be, but at Vision Consulting, we are flexible and open to the opinions of each and we quickly adopt and change what is good.
I think this kind of footwork is also attractive.

For Job Seekers.

I believe that many women want to take on the challenges of larger jobs, more important roles and more responsible work even while raising children.
To prevent giving up on your growth while raising children, I hope that you will visit Vision Consulting first and discuss your concerns with our recruiters and consultants.

I look forward to seeing more of you as fellow working consultant mothers.