A Stage Where You Can Broaden Your Potentials

Business Producer



- Entered as first seat and graduated Keio University Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science.
- Joined Vision Consulting in 2022.
- Have been involved in external and internal public relations.
- Branding strategy, marketing operations, advertising planning, etc.

What motivated you to enter the company?

1. It is because the company aims to be the "best in the world."
Since I was a child, my goal was to be active around the world. With this aspiration, Vision Consulting, which aims to be "No. 1 in the world," was very attractive to me because it matched my own goals and the direction I was aiming for.

2. I thought Vision Consulting was the company that could bring me closer to what I wanted to be quickly.
One of the people I respect is a person who has been active in Japan and the world in three areas: work, hobby, and social contribution. I would also like to become a professional in a wide range of fields and be active both in Japan and abroad. I decided to join Vision Consulting because it offers an environment where I can challenge various jobs from a young age with the aim of becoming the best in the world, and I believe that I can get closer to what I want to become in the shortest time than other companies/ministries that have given me job offers.

What is your current job?

I am involved in the creation of internal newsletters and public relations activities for external audiences. I support the entire process of creating the newsletter, including reviewing the policy of articles, interviewing, writing, and publishing. Through the newsletter, we deliver important and new information about Vision Consulting to our employees as soon as possible. In the area of external public relations, I am involved in a wide range of tasks, including news production, customer interviews, website management, and communication with external evaluation organizations in Japan and abroad. I am able to take on a variety of challenges and find my work rewarding on a daily basis.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

1. An Environment Where One Can Grow
At Vision Consulting, there is a culture where we often receive feedback. Therefore, we can objectively look at our actions and quality of work. I feel that growth speed is increasing from this.

2. Work-Life Balance
At Vision Consulting, you can build a good balance of work and private time. Therefore, you can spend quality time in both at work and private.

For Job Seekers.

Vision Consulting is a place where people from various backgrounds are active, and where their individual personalities and abilities can fully grow. We look forward to the day when we can challenge various things and grow together at Vision Consulting.