Expanding the stage for our achievements to the world, on our own initiative.

Business Producer



- Joined Vision consulting after completing Bachelor's degree in Wildlife and Conservation Biology from La Trobe University in Austraria.
- Currently, working in recruitment as a new grafuate recruiter.
- Also performs planning work related to recruiting, such as exhibiting at job hunting events.
- Engaged in global human resources recruitment.

What motivated you to enter the company?

My primary motivation stems from the company's extensive prospects for global engagement, which I anticipate will expand further in the future.
I aspire to leverage my international experience and linguistic proficiencies to actively contribute on the global platform as my career progresses.
I believe Vision Consulting is a place where even new graduates can be entrusted with overseas expansion and other opportunities based on their abilities, allowing them to pursue what they want.

What is your current job?

Currently, as a member of the graduate recruitment team, I am actively involved in recruitment tasks with a primary focus on interviews. However, my responsibilities extend beyond merely interviews, as I also make decisions on a pass/fail assessment and contribute to the formulation and implementation of recruitment policies.
I genuinely derive a profound sense of fulfillment from being able to engage in these recruitment tasks particularly from a young age.
This is because these tasks directly impact the company's management. The company is comprised of "individuals" who work within it.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

I believe there are primarily two aspects to consider.

The first aspect is the opportunity to be entrusted with greater discretion based on one's abilities.
For example, in Vision Consulting, there is not only a chance to excel on a global scale, but also a unique environment where we can proactively expand our stage of success overseas.
Additionally, regardless of the global perspective, there are various instances where individuals are given significant autonomy based on their capabilities.

The second aspect is the educational system in place.
When joining the company as a new graduate, there will be numerous challenges where one may initially struggle.
However, thanks to the one-on-one mentoring system, we receive detailed and precise feedback from our superiors, allowing us to clearly understand what areas we need to improve upon.
From there, we can ask questions about areas we don't understand and enhance our skills by working alongside our superiors in practical tasks.

For Job Seekers.

When embarking on new challenges, it is natural to have various anxieties.
However, it is fully possible to overcome those anxieties and turn them into confidence.
Particularly when there are goals or dreams that you wish to achieve, I believe it would be a shame to give up on them due to anxieties.
We are looking forward to talking with people who have big goals and enthusiasm, such as "Wanting to expand our activities to the world with our own strength," and "Wanting to take on a challenge and grow without giving up.”