First Major General Consulting Firm to be Certified as a White Company

Press Release

We announce that we are the first major general consulting firm to be certified as a ‘White Company (good standing company),’ by the Japan White Spread (White Foundation).


This certification is granted by a third-party organization that evaluates the company’s efforts in seven categories (business model/productivity, work-life balance, health management, human resource development/job satisfaction, diversity & inclusion, risk management, and labor law compliance).

As a result of passing a strict screening process, we were certified as “Gold”, the highest rating that can be obtained in the first year of application.




We are very honored to have been certified with such an excellent accreditation.


Going forward, we will continue to manage our business steadily, proactively and step by step, with the never-ending goal of “providing more value than expected to our customers and maximum growth to our employees”.


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