We have joined the Japan OSS Promotion Forum as a regular member.

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Vision Consulting is actively promoting the adoption and popularization of OSS (open-source-software).

As part of that activity I participated in the “Japan OSS Promotion Forum” as a regular member.
The reason why our consulting firm actively adopts OSS.

It is required to create a System that responds to the rapidly changing business environment.
This is because OSS’s powerful properties such as “reliability”, “stability”, “flexibility”, and “cost reduction” are indispensable for achieving this.

Projects that need to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the environment, such as DX projects, have a high affinity with OSS and play an important role in various requirements.
Vision Consulting includes DX, RPA, IoT, cloud computing, etc.
Specialists from various fields are enrolled,
We provide total support from design to operation.
If you are in charge of project planning and promotion, please feel free to contact us.


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