Let’s Create Solutions Outside the Box to Realize Our Goals

Consulting & IT Business Department / Consulting Division

Associate Principal



Joined Vision Consulting in 2021.
- After working as researcher in the chemical industry, worked as a patent engineer at a patent office.
- 2016~: Moved to the consulting industry and joined this company after experiencing multiple consulting firms.
- Provided support from top to bottom for a wide range of industries (e.g., manufacturing(High-tech, automotive-related, chemical, metal processing, etc.)Trading companies, construction industry, etc.) and domains (e.g., accounting, IT department, research and development, intellectual property, procurement and purchasing, supply chain management (SCM), international transactions, import and export, quality management/quality assurance, sales, etc.)

What motivated you to enter the company?

I felt that this company was "interesting" I wanted to know the secret of its strength and be involved in making the company even stronger and more attractive. Prior to joining, I had experienced several Venture companies and found out how difficult it is to operate and grow a company. On the other hand, although Vision Consulting had clear results from their figures, I could not clearly understand why they were able to continue to grow so much. I decided to join the company out of pure curiosity and the belief that I could “gain skills and assets by getting involved in making the company stronger and more attractive and would be able to work with great fulfillment.” Another factor that supported my decision was the large number of honest and enthusiastic employees. Two years have passed since I joined, and I feel that I’ve made the right decision. There are people at Vision Consulting whom I can truly respect and think "I want to work with forever," and together we are able to tackle various challenges and work with a strong sense of fulfillment. I am also beginning to see the secret of our strength, and I spend my days thinking and acting together with my colleagues on ways to further strengthen the company.

What is your current job?

1. PJ Delivery
Focusing on PJ Delivery DX and BPR Context Support, I have assisted “Creating solutions with no case studies from other companies” such as framework creation in research and development planning in major companies. No matter what the topic, I try to provide additional value by carefully examining the client's issues, setting the key issues, and thinking with a purposeful mindset about what is truly beneficial to the client.

2. Proposal
I engage in making proposals to acquire new customers and projects. I form teams with sales, partners, and employees who have introduced us to potential customers, and conduct interviews with them to define their issues and propose support details. I also engage in discussions with customers to brush up our proposals and acquire orders.

3. Internal Operations
Utilizing my experience of building systems and mechanisms of companies at Venture companies, I have taken part in updating and maintaining the systems and mechanisms within Vision Consulting. Currently, I still perform some HR duties and handle various internal issues.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

I feel Vision Consulting has many strengths, but I would like to pick up two that I think are most important.

1. Management Philosophy and Policy
I feel that doing things that “are normally done” or “are done by other companies” is not the right way. I think that the philosophy and policy of pursuing what should be done for to reach the goal is the strong point of Vision Consulting. We cannot surpass other companies by doing the same things. Our philosophy and policy of thoroughly seeking "how to create the best solution" to society, customers, and internal challenges is what has enabled Vision Consulting to achieve its growth rate and create other strengths.

2. Providing Values Close to the Site
At Vision Consulting, there are many employees with knowledge of business and technology that came from business companies, engineers, and IT departments, in addition to those from consulting firms, etc. Vision Consulting's style of support is to propose and implement solutions that are truly necessary for the site with a "sense of the site" based on the consultants' own experience and internal knowledge. In addition, from our perspective as consultants, we define issues that the client is not aware of, which are difficult to grasp on-site, formulate and propose solutions that the client cannot reach alone, and support the client up to implementation. Our strength lies in our ability to provide truly effective value-added support that is not just a “pie in the sky".

For Job Seekers.

Though there are many tasks to overcome because it is still growing and developing, Vision Consulting is a company that can change those tasks into strengths to become strong and flexible, surpassing its competitors. Taking away the common sense and creating new values is extremely difficult and is not an easy task. However, we would welcome anyone who love the challenge of pursuing “things only Vision Consulting can do” by “cooperating with others and creating.” Let’s create solutions outside the box to realize our goals!