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Deputy Executive Officer



Joined Vision Consulting in 2018.

- Extensive experience in CRM domain and DX strategy development/promotion in the retail, manufacturer, government, and information and telecommunications industries, including major consulting firms.
- Engaged in providing comprehensive support for establishing cooperative schemes in accordance with DX strategies, in the information and telecommunications industry.
- In charge of training all consultants, improving operations, and promoting mental health care as part of manangement duties.
- Appointed as deputy executive officer in 2021.

What motivated you to enter the company?

Vision Consulting has two main strengths: a clear evaluation system and the enthusiasm and personalities of its employees.
While many consulting firms use a relative evaluation system, Vision Consulting uses an absolute evaluation system. This is one of the attractive points that I found in our company.

During the interview, I had conversations with several onsite consultants and I was interested in the company because I felt the interest and enthusiasm of the employees in creating something from zero, as well as the good personality of the employees who were able to talk about their failures at work without any decoration.

What is your current job?

We support DX strategy development in the information and telecommunications industry.
By combining the client's DX solutions with Vision Consulting's consulting knowledge, I discuss with the client on a daily basis what is required in their specific business and where DX solutions can be effective.

In addition, as a deputy executive officer, I am engaged in creating internal education/training systems and serving as an instructor, thus I am very happy to contribute to improve the company, both internally and externally.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

We have a workplace that satisfies our employees.
Because consulting services are based on employees themselves, all of management is most conscious of employee satisfaction for creating a company that is a good place to work.
Specifically, in addition to the evaluation system mentioned above, we have created a work/life balance and a follow-up system for each and every employee.

Also, there are many employees who like to be taken care of!
There are abundant employees who provide comprehensive support, such as sincerely accepting and sending advice on concerns related to work and sometimes organizing drinking parties to change one's mind.

For Job Seekers.

Vision Consulting will continue to expand and change with the times, but we will always maintain the mindset of putting our employees first.

We do not want you to be left feeling uneasy about Vision Consulting, so we want you to talk with our employees and see with your own eyes what kind of people we have.

As a consultant and a professional in the field of corporate transformation, let's grow together!
We look forward to working with you in the future!