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Deputy Executive Officer



Joined Vision Consulting in 2020.

- As a national public servant, worked for 20 years in several government agencies, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the National Personnel Authority before joining Vision Consulting. Has expertise in wide range including law legislation, local government administration, budget management, and HR development.
- Engaged in strategic planning, new business development, BPR, etc. for system renewal and renovation projects.
- Management duties include surpervision of governmenet related projects and continuous improvement of the education system.
- Appointed as deputy executive officer in 2021.

What motivated you to enter the company?

In my previous job, I was engaged in a variety of policy planning and other activities and I felt I had done all I could do to some extent.

So I decided to make a job change and asked myself, "What am I willing to do?"
When I thought about what I would do after my job change, something came to mind.
I remember being amazed by the presentation skills and documentation of the consultants who assisted me in business improvement and system development projects, as well as the amount of work involved in steady research and analysis.

Among the many consulting firms, I decided to join Vision Consulting without hesitation because of its lack of industry cuts, its large number of consultants with various backgrounds and its corporate culture that opens doors even for newcomers to the consulting field.

What is your current job?

In order to become a consulting firm that provides maximum value to clients, it is essential to secure high quality consultants.
As mentioned in my reason for joining this company, Vision Consulting has a large number of consultants with a wide variety of previous work experience.

Therefore, we are focusing on human resource development so that we can maximize the strengths of a wide variety of individuals. Specifically, we promote one-on-one counseling and training according to skill sets and duties.

In this way, we will make the most of our various individual strengths to further improve customer satisfaction and expand our consulting business, which no other company can match.

Of course, I also make the most of my experience as a national public servant and am engaged in a wide range of activities such as winning tenders for public offices.

What are Vision Consulting's strengths?

Vision Consulting is able to undertake any project without industry cuts, solution cuts, or phase cuts.

Therefore, we have a wide variety of consultants, including those in previous positions to provide solutions that are close to the client from the field viewpoint.

For Job Seekers.

In the future, Vision Consulting will analyze customer needs acquired from its rapidly growing consulting business and expand new businesses such as DX promotion and domestic and overseas offices.

More than ever, we need to develop our consulting business based on a wide variety of experiences without specific industries.

Even if you only have experience in a completely different industry or business sector, these experiences will lead to the creation of new value by mixing various knowledge and experiences within the organization as a whole.
Regardless of your industry, both your failures and successes will be a valuable asset to Vision Consulting.

Don't you think that your experience is not enough to be a consultant? If you have a desire to create new value and to create your own, come and join us.